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Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University, 4 Reymonta Street, Kraków.
14.11. – 02.12.2023

Oh, what is more beautiful than tall trees,

In bronze west forged by evening beam,

Over the water, what peacock colours are splashing,

Deepened with mirrored vaulted ceilings


from Tall Trees, Leopold Staff


The latest collection by Kraków artist, Agata Rubiś, is a series of pastel works that takes us with the artist into the fields and meadows, the mountain tracks and more secluded places in and around Kraków, and beyond. To the Polish highlands (Quiet, walking path, Podhale) and other mountain regions in southern Poland – Rycerzowa (Beskid mountains), Direction – Kudłacze (Island Beskids), On Watch (Podkarpacie).

We're transported along the path to Tyniec Abbey, to the Wolski Forest, to the Pychowice meadows and Krzemionki in Podgórze. Untamed, by turns charming, austere. But, to this artist, inspiring.


The human figure is absent from these works, their presence evinced, in all but one piece, not by towering constructions of brick or stone, but by paths. Paths trodden through golden wheat field, ascending into lonely forest gloom, violet path on winter mountain.

But, truly, the stars of this show are the trees.

Trees tall and slim by river flow.

Trees golden and bronze on patchwork hillside.

Trees denuded, huddled on lonely winter mountain.


The works presented here were completed by the artist in the attic of a Kraków tenement in the early spring of 2023.


Marzena Błach



Agata Rubiś was born in Kraków in 1960.

In 1980, she began work in the Main Library of Kraków's National Higher College of Teacher Training (now the University of the National Education Commission, Krakow).

In 2021, she retired as custodian, after 41 years of service.

Agata Rubiś studied art education, and has always led the life of an artist.

Pastels are her favourite medium, and Kraków vistas and observations from her travels are the main inspiration for her work.

Agata Rubiś has more than 30 individual and group exhibitions to her credit. Her works are in possession of private collectors in Poland and abroad.