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November 2023

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From a “World of Regions” to “Interlocking Regional Worlds”? What Next for the Study of Regionalism in Complex Geopolitical Times

Date: 30.11.2023
Place: Reymonta 4 – Faculty of International and Political Studies of JU building, room 207
Organiser: CISAD JU – Centre for International Studies and Development and UNU-CRIS - United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies
Contact: Krzysztof Stefan, 501873744 Marcin Grabowski

Explore the intricate dynamics of post-Cold War global politics and the rise of regionalism in a focused seminar. The anticipated emergence of a diverse world order with distinct normative commitments within political regions confronts new challenges. Through an analysis of regionalism's complexities, including the impact of large-scale connectivity projects and transformative trade networks, this session aims to stimulate a scholarly dialogue, contributing to a nuanced understanding of the complex, multiplex, and multi-order nature of contemporary global affairs.

This conference will be a possibility to listen to various experts in the area discussing patterns and dimensions of regional integration as well as the impact of the regional organisations. Alongside our scholars from Jagiellonian University we will be hosting numerous speakers from UNU-CRIS (United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies) who are coorganisers of the event as well as distinguished guests from different universities in Japan.


Program of the workshop:


DAY 1: Conference - “Redefining regionalism in complex geopolitical times?”  - Thursday 30 November, Reymonta 4, Centre for International Studies and Development

9:00-9:30 – Inauguration and Words of Welcome

9:30-10:30 - Panel 1 (Room 207): Regional organisations redefining regionalisation patterns: 

Frank Mattheis (UNU-CRIS):
Regional organizations as geopolitical actors beyond their region: the case of the African Union 

Marcin Grabowski (Jagiellonian University):
US Policy towards Regional Integration in East Asia 

Hideyuki Miura (Kyorin University):

The Rule Formation of Digital Trade in the Indo-Pacific 


11:00-12:30 - Panel 2 (Room 207): Different dimensions of regional integration: 

Alina Penkala (UNU-CRIS & Ghent University):
Challenging the Geopolitical Script: Ukrainian Narratives and the East-West Paradigm 

Gaëlle Le Pavic (UNU-CRIS & Ghent University):

Bottom-up regionalism: when geopolitics meets the social 

Paolo Pizzolo (Jagiellonian University):

Kazakhstan between Eurasian integration and Chinese-inspired regional initiatives 

Christopher Lamont (Tokyo International University):

Emerging Technology Governance and Interlocking Regionalism 


13:30 – 14:30 -  Panel 3 (Room 207): Understanding complex regional integration patterns: 

Justine Miller (UNU-CRIS & Ghent University):
Modeling regional integration with network analysis 

Emilian Kavalski (Jagiellonian University):

When Regionalisms Compete? Large-Scale Connectivity Projects in a Multi-Order World 

Arata Kuno (Asia University):

Interaction between the dynamics of deepening economic interdependence through RCEP and the dynamics of de-risking based on geopolitical motives in Northeast Asia 


15:00 – 16:00 – Roundtable (Room 207): Toward global regionalism: decentering regionalism 

  • Moderator: Philippe De Lombaerde (UNU-CRIS) 
  • Emilian Kavalski (Jagiellonian University) 
  • Hideyuki Miura (Kyorin University) 
  • Christopher Lamont (Tokyo International University) 
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