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New Students Project – The ISAD Panopticon

Let us present you the latest project of International Security and Development Students – The ISAD Panopticon! This initiative aims to promote international issues using digital technology combined with enabling student writing and aspirations, such as students who speak English as a second language or students wishing to incorporate ideas and contributions from their disciplines and studies.

The Panopticon logo


The Student Association of International Security and Development (SAISAD) is a self-formed, self-governed student society that aims to promote international cooperation between the Polish and international communities at the Jagiellonian University with the rest of the world in regards with the fields of security and development.


As part of its initiative to facilitate intra-program and extra-program knowledge, interaction, and outreach, the SAISAD Academic Affairs Team proposes the creation of a magazine-style publication.


Please read a few words from Christopher Alvin Wijono, SAISAD Academic Affairs Team Leader and Managing Director of The ISAD Panopticon:

‘The magazine will operate under the title The ISAD Panopticon and the motto See all. Hear all. Know all. The magazine draws from Jeremy Bentham’s idea of Panopticon; an all-encompassing surveillance by a single entity. Through it, we realize the potential and power of media and journalism as an observer capable of getting as complete and as objective coverage/insight into certain issues as possible. Therefore, we achieve a shift from the original idea of panopticon: from an unequal gaze of guardsman-prisoner to an equalizing gaze for the general audience and layperson.

The Academic Affairs team believes that the creation of The ISAD Panopticon will not only an excellent arm of achieving SAISAD objectives, but also to the ISAD program as a reflection of its academic and practical approach towards security and development.’


We strongly encourage you to join MA in International Security and Development till 24th of August!

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