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Statement on the war in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia has begun waging war on Ukraine. Fighting is taking place all over Ukraine, civilians are being killed or forced to flee their homes. In just seven days about 800.000 people have fled the war seeking shelter in neighbouring countries. No political reasons can justify the invasion of a country and the killing of its people. And it is appalling that the officially declared nature of the operation and its objectives are very far from reality and rooted in an ideological and revisionist conception of the history of Eastern Europe, by abusing the term genocide, the memory of World War II and the Holocaust. 

This conflict is taking place against the background of a growing international political and military disorder, in which wars are waged against the othered in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the mentality behind such wars is expanding into new terrains. But as history is never tired to tell us, the repercussions of war are not only catastrophic but also unpredictable, and those who end up paying the highest price are always the working classes and the civilian populations who are destined to live in material deprivations for years. 

The dire situation in Ukraine burdens Critical Legal Scholarship with the task of supporting the defence of life and a global peaceful existence against the politics of death. To this end, the Nomos Centre asserts its firm rejection of any form of imperialist aggression and expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with those critical voices that have been silenced by the brutal repression of the police in Russia.