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Research grants

The Jagiellonian University is one of the leading recipients of research grants given by the National Science Centre (NCN), the central Polish institution that funds research projects in Poland. Between 2012 and 2014, the UJ received around 200 research grants worth 100 million zloty (around 30 million USD).

The employees of our faculty have also won grant competitions organized by the National Science Centre. Since the establishment of the NCN in 2010, our employees have received 36 NCN grants worth over 4.4 million zloty (1.15 million USD).

Here is the list of current research grants received from the NCN and other institutions:

  • "Democratic control and legitimacy of European Foreign Policy based on the EU enlargement Policy and European Neighbourhood Policy" (2013-2016, SONATA NCN grant, project coordinator: Magdalena Góra, PhD) – The aim of the research is to analyse the role of certain actors in establishing the legitimacy and democratic control of The European Neighbourhood Policy, using the EU enlargement policy and European Neighbourhood Policy as case studies. The project includes comparative studies on selected EU countries and translational issues.
  • "Financing of federal elections and the future of democracy in the United States of America" (2014 – 2016; OPUS NCN grant, project coordinator: Prof. of UJ Paweł Laidler, PhD; researcher: Maciej Turek, PhD) – The aim of the project is to analyse contemporary American democracy in the context of political representation from the perspective of election campaign funding.
  • An international project entitled "Internalization network" ("I-net") (2015-2016, International Visegrad Fund: flagship project. Project coordinator in Poland: Piotr Bajor, PhD) – the aim of the project is to internationalize research projects conducted by separate units and establish cooperation between universities. The international committee consists of a dozen universities from the Visegrad Group, Eastern Europe and Transcaucasian countries.