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Workshop: Democracy Promotion – Crisis at Home, Assistance Abroad? The Decline in Democracy and Its Effect on Democracy Promotion. Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) University of Mannheim, Germany. November 14-15, 2019.


26th World Congress of Political Science, IPSA, 10-15 July 2021. Panel: Democracy’s Resilience in the Post-communist EU Member.

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ASEEES virtual Convention 2020. Panel: Civil Society in Central & Eastern Europe: Thirty Years After, November 5-8, 2020.

poster of 55th aseees convention


Annual Convention of American Political Science Association. Roundtable: Debating the Nature and Impact of Postcommunist Civil Society (virtual). 29 September 2021.

2021 apsa annual meeting & exhibition


Peter Wall International Research Roundtable “Everyday Activism in Central and Eastern Europe 30 years after Communism’s Collapse”, May 12-13, 2022, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.



Workshop: Civic activism in Central and Eastern Europe – trends and challenges 26-27 September 2022, Jagiellonian University, Krakow.

workshop participants